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Ohsnap Gen 2.0

Ohsnap Gen 2.0

Thinner. Smarter. Now with Magsnap™

We listened to you.

The Ohsnap Grip was the first product in the world to use a circular array of magnets for alignment, mounting and charging. When Apple released MagSafe™, we saw the opportunity to create something even better. We’re calling it MagSnap™. 

Meanwhile, the past year has been spent obsessing over feedback on the Ohsnap Grip and our other ecosystem products. We took your feedback and completely redesigned each product, now through the lens of our new MagSnap™ standard. 

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Do I still need to apply a steel ring to my phone for Grip 2.0?

Yes, all phones still require a steel ring unless you are using the Ohsnap Case. However, you don't need to remove the grip to use MagSafe accessories, so removing the grip is uneccessary.  (Even iPhone 12/13)

Are the new products compatible with the old products?

No, the new MagSnap interface uses a different array of magnets so the 2.0 products cannot interact with the 1.0 gen products.

When will the 2.0 products ship?

Unlike a Kickstarter, the 2.0 products are already fully developed! Currently the products are being manufactured and we will ship as soon as they are done. We predict they will ship by the end of January at the latest. The Ohsnap Case is taking longer to produce and may ship separately, up to 2 months after the rest of the products.

Introducing MagSnap™

MagSnap™ is the first universal magnetic mounting and charging standard that’s designed for all phones. 

MagSnap™ is a superior version of Apple’s MagSafe™ standard, with a stronger mounting interface and better anti-rotation. It unlocks an ever expanding world of accessories to all phones, with the Ohsnap Grip, Stand, and Magnet at its center.

The Ohsnap Case

•Premium Machined Aluminum 

•User Swappable Backs for Unlimited Customization

•Maximum Impact Protection

•Feels Like Your Phone… Naked

The Ohsnap Case

Re-engineered from the ground up.

• Now with Magsnap™

• Thinner, smaller, more comfortable

• Improved initial color palette 

Sexy & Swappable

The Ohsnap Case backs are user swappable, just like our grip. We have gloss glass,  matte glass, and carbon fiber options - with many more to come. (Walnut not yet available) 

Maximum Protection

The Ohsnap Case’s reinforced aluminum outer shell is lined with shock absorbing silicone that elegantly wraps your phone. Upon impact, the rigid frame takes the concentrated shock and immediately spreads it across a larger surface area. The reduced shock force is then transferred to the inner silicone layer which absorbs the remaining energy, keeping you, your phone, and your wallet happy. 

Feels Like Your Phone

A case designed to feel like your phone in the nude. No more clunky cases to hide its true form. The Ohsnap Case is a tight cocktail dress, tailored specifically for the device you love the most. 

Built With MagSnap™

The Ohsnap Case is built with our MagSnap™ interface at its center. Just add a grip and go.

MagSnap™ means smooth interaction with our grips, chargers, mounts... Along with some other surprises that are coming very soon.

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