About Us

Everyone’s got a phone, but most mobile accessories are cheap, ugly, or just don’t work well together. That’s why at ohsnap, we make accessories that don’t suck: beautiful grips, stands, and chargers that make life with your phone less of a hassle, and a whole lot more awesome.

To date, we’ve successfully launched several crowdfunding campaigns, the most recent of which raised $1.75M+ from 27,493 awesome backers. We met our funding goal in 30 minutes and finished as one of the most backed phone accessory campaigns of all time. Here’s the project video we used: 

My name’s Dale Backus, founder of ohsnap and creator of the ohsnap grip. I found my passion for inventing physical products when I launched my first technology company, SmallHD, when I was 22 (later acquired by The Vitech Group in 2014).

In 2017, I attended the CES trade show, where I found a phone grip company that had sold 1M+ units with nothing more than a simple elastic band adhered to the back of a phone. This stuck with me, because I knew existing products were only scratching the surface of what was possible. People spending thousands of dollars for their devices deserved better. I wanted a phone grip that was simple, useful, and never got in the way - a solution so sleek that you only noticed it when you needed it. Nearly 4 years and hundreds of prototypes later, that became a reality and ohsnap development was underway.

Today, our company values are simple:

1. Only make “wow” products.

2. Obsess over the details.

3. Be truly original.

4. Inject fun and boldness into everything.

5. Never introduce a product purely for revenue.

6. Do what’s best for the customer, not what’s best for us.

The decisions we make are rooted in these core beliefs, and we’re hopeful that you feel them with every interaction and product we make. Our mission is to elevate the experience of our everyday technologies, without sacrificing style, comfort, or utility… the kind of products that make you say: “Oh, snap!”

Our current product lineup (ohsnap grip, snapcharge, snapstand, snapcar, etc.) is just the beginning of an ever-expanding ecosystem that will always be innovated and improved over time. With your support, our small 5 person team will continue to grow and make amazing products that don’t suck.


-Dale & the ohsnap team