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stop fumbling with your phone.

Modern phones are not physically designed to do the incredible variety of things we use them for. You deserve to use your phone without compromise.


Enjoy a phone experience that doesn't suck.

Through 3 years and hundreds of prototypes, we have perfected the solution to phone-awkwardness. It's called ohsnap!


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Grip, slide, and rotate.

Hold your phone confidently at any angle. Slide to reach every inch of your screen. Rotate 360 degrees to use your phone any way you want.


Mount anywhere.

Ohsnap features neodymium magnets which allow you to stick your phone to the fridge, gym equipment, or any magnetic phone mount! Check out our Sticky Mount and Car Mount accessories to mount your phone anywhere!


Kick back & relax.

Ohsnap transforms into a kickstand with one press. Watch your favorite shows without scrambling to find an object to prop your phone with.


but it doesn't stop there...

Wireless Charging Compatible

Just slide the frame out and use on any wireless charger!


The snap band is coated in soft rubber that feels comfortable and secure.

Ultra thin

Ohsnap is just 2.7mm thin, designed with smooth edges that won't get caught on your pockets.

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