Snapwallet Guide

Tips + tricks for your new Snapwallet.

How To Use

Each Card Mod holds up to 3 lettered (raised) cards, 5 unlettered cards, or a combination of both. Simply slide the cards in and pull the lever to fan them. Make sure you hold the wallet by the edges when using the lever for the best performance. Stack multiple card modules and use each lever individually for more organized storage!

Adding/Removing Mods

To add a module, align the notch on your new Mod with the slot on the Card Mod. Then, stack them together and move them until you feel the notch click into place. To remove, press the Mod off the edge and pull the corner away. 

Tool Mod

The "screw side" of the Tool Mod magnetically attaches to the "screw side" of the Card Mod. Just bring them close and let the magnets do the work! If you're using a cover plate, align the notch with the slot in the Tool Mod, then slide down to access the knife/bottle opener.