Snap 4 Luxe

Tips + tricks for your grip.


Are you ready? Remove Snap 4 Luxe from the packaging and touch the smooth, cold aluminum trim. Feel delighted. Turn it over and peel off the back sticker to reveal a beautiful array of magnets. If you have an iPhone 12+ you can just drop it on the back of the phone and it will self align. If you are anti-Apple and have another brand you will need to center it yourself. Centering the grip is very important for wireless charging compatibility. Using a finger, give it a nice rub around the rim with medium pressure to set the adhesive.


If you're having issues charging it's likely one of these 3 reasons:

- Your case is too thick. We recommend cases under 2.2mm thick - most are thinner unless it feels extra chunky. If charging works with Snap 4 Luxe on your bare phone, it's probably your case.

- You're using a non-MagSafe charger. The alignment of your phone and the charger is very important. Placing your phone onto a pad charger has a much lower success rate than using an auto-aligning charger.

- You're using an Android and your grip isn't centered. Snap 4 Luxe MUST be centered around the charging coil on your phone for it to wirelessly charge. This is an issue for Androids, as they don't have centering magnets. Try moving your grip up or down on your phone to find the center.

Gripping + Positions

There are multiple ways to open & use Snap 4 Luxe!

Slide to open: Place a finger or thumb onto one of the shiny nubs at the edge of the cap, then press and slide forward to open.

Pry to open: Pull the edge of the cap to release it from the center magnet.
Press to open: Use the tip of your finger and press anywhere along the edge of the cap. This will spring the cap up so you can slide your fingers in. This will only work after you've opened the grip once every day, as the arms have "memory". 

Once the cap is open, you can comfortably slide in two fingers, stick a single finger straight through, shelve it on top of your hand, etc. When you're done, simply press the cap down for the most satisfying magnetic closure ever.


Wanna watch a show during your break but only got one hand available? Perfect. Find the “nubbins” on your cap and place the tip of your thumb over one of them. Slide your thumb forward until you feel the cap click into place. Or, pull the cap open and slide the cap back until it clicks past the stand lock. Rotate the cap to desired position and you’ve got yourself a multi-pitched kickstand.


You win. Why? Cuz the Snap 4 Luxe you just bought is magnetic. Yep. You can stick it to kitchen stuff, gym stuff, car stuff, work stuff, anything around you that’s metal. But, if the magnets don’t feel strong enough you might wanna check these things: Are your camera bumps massive? The iPhone 15 Pro has an especially hard time sticking because the cameras are 3mm taller than our grip. Is your surface really slick? Thinner and slick metal is especially hard to stick to - try a different spot or use a Snapmount!


DO NOT USE A CREDIT CARD TO REMOVE THE GRIP (unlike Snap 3 Pro). Do you really need to remove your grip? I can’t think of a reason, I guess planes still have life preservers when flying over the desert. Anyway, if you must, you can do it with a spoon. No problem. Slide the edge of your spoon under any side of the grip and gently pry up. You will feel the adhesive begin to lift and release it's suction. Easy. Also, the adhesive is reusable! If it starts to become less sticky, clean it with lukewarm water to refresh it.


Washable adhesive is here! Simply run the adhesive under lukewarm water, then scrub any dirt off with your finger. Once clean, shake off excess water and let air dry. Then you can re-install!