Snap 3 Pro

Tips + tricks for your grip.


Furiously rip Snap 3 Pro out of the packaging and peel off the blue sticker on the back. If you have an iPhone 12+ you can just drop it on the back of the phone and it will self align. If you are anti Apple and have another brand you will need to center it yourself. This just means you’re more of an individual and don't need any help finding the center. Give it a nice rub around the rim with your index finger with medium pressure to set the adhesive.

Gripping + Positions

Pull on the cap and it will pop open like a jacket snap. Congratulations, You’re ready to slide, grab, pinch, spin, and flip to your heart's desire. Here are a few suggested Snap 3 Pro grip positions: The Straddle Daddy (2 fingertips), The Deep V (full handful), The Tunnel Mole (one finger through center), The Book Shelf (using the kickstand as a grip), and The Grappling Hook (one finger under the bottom hinge).


Yes, your grip is a transformer and flips into a cool kickstand. Open the cap push it down and back until it clicks past the stand lock. Rotate the cap to desired position and you’ve got yourself a propped up phone in horizontal or profile position.


Allow the magic of magnets to blow your mind. Find a metal object and then stick your phone to it. Kerchunk. Now let this satisfaction wash over you in an illustrious wave. You win. If it feels like the magnets aren't strong enough check these: Are your camera bumps massive? The iPhone 14 Pro has an especially hard time sticking because the cameras are 3mm taller than our grip. Is your surface really slick? Thinner and slick metal is especially hard to stick to - try a different spot or use a Snapmount!


Do you really need to remove your grip? I can’t think of a reason, I guess planes still have life preservers when flying over the desert. Anyway, if you must, you can do it with a credit card. No problem. Slide the edge of your card under any side of the grip and gently pry up and the grip will easily pop off the back of your phone. The adhesive is reusable! If it starts to become less sticky, clean it with rubbing alcohol to refresh it.

Adhesive Install

You're here 'cause your case likes our adhesive more than Snap 3 Pro does. Welcome to the sticky case club. To install your new adhesive, make sure the old adhesive is removed from your Snap 3 Pro and your phone case. Peel the yellow protective paper off and align the blue circle with your grip. Place the circle onto your grip and press it firmly until all of the bubbles are removed - you should see them squished out from the sides if you're doing it right. Peel off the clear cover, then peel the blue tab. Apply your grip to your phone and you're good to go!