The Ohsnap Guide

Click each drop-down menu below for instructions on how to install and use your Ohsnap Grip.


Step 1

Clean your phone with rubbing alcohol or water. Then, remove the packaging and instruction sticker/liner. 

Step 2

Center the installation tool vertically and horizontally on the back of your phone. This is necessary for wireless charging. Once centered, press firmly with two fingers on the grip until it "pops" out of the installation tool. Remove the tool and firmly massage the grip to ensure adhesion. Please wait 6 hours before removing the grip.

To Remove (After 6 hours)

If you need to remove your grip after the adhesive has cured for 6 hours, simply pull on the lip under the edge of the grip and it will pop right off. 


Grip + Rotate

Simply slide your finger between the cap and bottom of your Ohsnap to use the grip! To rotate, firmly press against the grip and turn your phone. 


To use the kickstand, insert the cap into the kickstand slot on your Ohsnap grip. This will get easier as you understand the feel. Rotate the kickstand to achieve different angles of elevation.


Simply stick your phone to any unpainted steel surface. Use a Snapmount to mount on any surface! Snapmount features reusable adhesive and is frickin' sticky.