Install Kit Guide

NOTE: The new Install Kit features upgraded adhesive! This means the glue, clear stickers, and curing light are no longer needed. Follow the steps below for our updated install.

Step 1

Remove a steel ring from the bag and clean your phone with rubbing alcohol or water. A small amount of either will not harm your phone and will help the Ohsnap grip stick!

Step 2

Before sticking the steel ring to your phone, identify the center of your phone - both vertically and horizontally. It’s important that your grip be perfectly centered for wireless charging to work properly.

Step 3

Peel off the protective sticker and place the ring (sticky-side-down) onto the center of your phone before massaging firmly. Wait overnight before proceeding. Allowing time for the adhesive to cure is necessary to ensure the grip sticks.

Step 4

Place your Ohsnap steel ring, then wiggle it around to make sure it’s locked securely in place. Now, you’re ready to go!