The Ohsnap Case

Tips + tricks for your new case.

Installing The Case Bumper

To install the bumper, insert the top of your phone into the front of the bumper at an angle. Once top is seated well, pull one of the bottom corners over the corner of your phone and snap into place. Insert the provided tool (facing upwards) into final corner of the bumper and use leverage to pull the corner over. The case will pop into place with a "pop!” 

Installing The Case Back

When looking at the back of the phone, insert the left edge of the case back into the left side of the bumper (camera side), at an angle. Lower the other side of the case back and press firmly along the right edge to snap in. Start at the top of the phone and work your way down. PS. The ring for the grip is already installed (it's black). You do not need to install a new silver ring!

Case Back Removal

To remove the case back, use the provided tool and slide it between your phone and the case bumper. This may take a bit of force, as the bumper will need to move outwards to allow the back to pop out. Then, apply a small amount of pressure to the tool. Once you feel it slide under the case back, slide it up and down along the edge of the phone to pop the side out completely. Once one side is out, you can remove the back entirely.

Case Bumper Removal

From the front of the phone, use the tool included in the packaging and slide it (tool tip facing down) between your phone and the case near the bottom side. Then, apply pressure to the tool and pull the corner of the case out. Once one corner is off, you should easily be able to slide the other corner off and pull your phone out.